We Declare a State of Moral Emergency

Becca Israel is a Development Officer for Bend the Arc.  She got involved with the organization  while participating in a Jeremiah Fellowship program in the Bay Area. Jeremiah Fellowships give young adults who are committed to economic and social justice the opportunity to explore how Jewish values, culture and community can support and further their... Continue Reading →



Peter Takiff had attended a number of events on sex trafficking, mostly because he is married to Pam who was Chair of an Advocacy Leadership Committee at NCJW-NY (National Council of Jewish Women - New York). NCJW-NY is dedicated to educating people about sex trafficking.  Peter said that after seeing a film called, "I am Jane... Continue Reading →

Successful Activism

Ten years ago, when she was 12, Melanie Thompson was kidnapped as she walked home from the movies in NYC.  She was locked in a closet in an abandoned house and forced into prostitution.  Melanie worked on the streets and in an underground strip club. Once her pimp found and started advertising on Backpage.com, her... Continue Reading →

Enough is Enough

There are times in life when one can pierce through the veil of separation and catch a glimpse into the One-ness of all life… March 24, 2018 was one such day…. People all over the country and all over the world poured out into the streets to remind the world and one another that “this is what democracy... Continue Reading →

#I believe you

  I recently had the pleasure of meeting two students -- Jessica Bell from Clarkstown South High and Hanson Drysdale from Spring Valley High -- at a 4 day training workshop called Students Advocating to End Dating Abuse (SAEDA). Hanson identifies as an immigrant, having come from Jamaica in 2014.  He said when he came... Continue Reading →

“A world without exploitation”

Lauren Hersh began her legal career as an intern at the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), representing women in domestic violence cases.  She later worked at the Brooklyn DA's office prosecuting domestic violence cases, and at that point recognized that her legal calling was in the arena of combating violence against women and girls.... Continue Reading →

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