Not for Penn graduates only

Not for Penn graduates only


We all need to hear what the Penn graduates heard from John Legend at their commencement ceremony.  We need to be inspired. By John Legend talking about following his heart and opening his mind, he inspires us to open ours.  He enables us to imagine what we can accomplish if we see the value in every human being.

I am starting this blog called, Notes From An Optimist, because I feel we are bombarded by negative news in our 24/7 news cycle.  We hear about all the things that are going wrong in our world and there is much to hear.  We are not hearing, however, all the people, organizations and resources that are committed to helping to fix the world.  And they are.  Where are they, you may ask.  They may be buried in the middle of the newspaper or on a good news website but they are not integrated in your daily news feed.

I hope to find the inspiring and good news that is happening around the world and bring them to your attention.  I hope to inspire our journalists and writers out there to go find the good stories about who is helping and working toward solutions whether it is in science, the environment, health, education, peace building, religious understanding, poverty, politics, business or small acts of kindness.

A smile brings another smile, a hug creates more hugs.  We will find models to emulate and will motivate others to act with kindness.  We need to know what is possible.  We need to hear what others are doing that inspires us.  We need to listen to how others are working on the problems of the world.  We need to know that we are not alone in wanting a better world.

The daily reporting of bad news all day and all night creates less hope in this world and a culture of fear.  Fear can get in the way of opening our minds.  I am not suggesting we eliminate the tragic stories that occur, I am just asking for a little balance.

I hope to bring you Notes From An Optimist and maybe if I open my mind and that of others, news organizations, TV and radio stations, journalists and writers will look for the good news and integrate it with our top stories.  We may inspire others to join us and create a community or world of optimism and as a result we will accomplish more and maybe make our world a better place.


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