“I am an optimist… indeed” Maya Angelou


There is so much to say and write about Maya Angelou, while she was alive and now that she passed.  She lived her life expressing many truths as a activist, teacher, writer, artist, historian, filmmaker and human being.  She has been described as a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace.  She survived the brutality of racial discrimination in the south and lived through Malcolm X and MLK Jr.’s assassination.

When I listened to the Brian Lehrer show on NPR on the day she passed, Brian Lehrer replayed an interview he did with her last year and aired live on April 2, 2013.  I have included the clip from yesterday’s radio show where Brian Lehrer asks Ms. Angelou, “Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist about the future of humanity?”  And before he finishes his question, she jumped right in and said clearly, “I am an optimist…indeed.”

Maya Angelou’s body of work will continue to inspire another generation of writers and advocates to be a warrior for passionate activism, hope and optimism.



3 thoughts on ““I am an optimist… indeed” Maya Angelou

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  1. Caren kol hakavod- with only the 3rd note – I can see how you are helping me to develop my optimist muscle… And with each successive week knowing you will be emphasizing the positive- i trust my opti muscle will get more and more flexed!!!

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