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I may not be a golf fan, but I can appreciate the heart warming story on Father’s Day about a 34 year old man who has survived two heart transplants and was the runner up in the US Open yesterday.  This story is also about the optimism in Erik’s family, the transplant foundation and the families who donated the hearts when Compton needed them to live. 

At age 9, Erik was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle is inflamed and unable to pump effectively.  Erik’s mother, Eli, worked at Miami’s Transplant Foundation, first as a volunteer and ultimately as executive director.

The fans at Pinehurst seemed to appreciate the complexity of Compton’s second appearance at a national championship, rising to their feet with a standing ovation.  Compton said, “You realize when you play in majors it’s not about your swing; it’s about what you’ve got inside, your guts.  It’s the person that makes somebody special on the golf course.” 

I would add, maybe its about his heart.