A White House Summit on Working Families


In 2/3 of families all parents work

Juggling, balance, flexibility are the buzz words for creating good business practices for working families.  Regardless of your occupation or where you live, this issue affects all of us.  President and Michelle Obama and Vice President and Jill Biden addressed the challenges and solutions for the 21st century workplace at today’s summit.

A panel of experts talked about how company policy usually starts at the top, reflecting the attitudes of the CEO and Board.  So if the President and Vice President of the United States are taking the time to talk about working families, it stands to reason that it is a high priority for our country and will most likely lead to change.

Paid maternity leave, paid sick days, telecommuting, income equality and other family friendly policies leads to happier, more motivated and productive employees.  Jet Blue, Google, Johnson & Johnson and Cisco are just a few companies that are leading the way.

President Obama said, this is not a partisan issue until it comes to Congress.  States are acting on their own, not waiting for Congress to act.  This White House summit reminds us to support the people and the companies who share your values and use your vote to affect change.

This summit elevates this national debate that starts from the top with the White House.  I am optimistic that it will lead to policy changes for the 21st century workplace.  I invite you to tell your story and share your workplace policy and personal experience on work/ family balance.


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