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This is the season when kids leave their families and homes to experience summer camp.  This summer camp in Louisville, Kentucky is unique in that the coaches and the campers are amputees.  Many of these children are born without a limb or lost a limb after an accident.  The coaches are wounded soldiers, injured while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Susan Rodio started this camp last year after serving as a volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team.  She saw the benefit between the players and the children, who with amputated limbs, served as bat girls and boys.  They teach each other and they inspire each other. 

Jen Castro, 9 years old says in the video clip, “I thought I would learn how to play softball…I learned how to tie my shoes and never give up”.

At this camp, the campers and coaches go home learning about living a full life.  Their team motto is: “Life without a limb is limitless”.