Social Media to the Rescue

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A social media campaign, # Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies, has gained more than 30,000 fans on Facebook.  The idea was launched by two Hunter College students in New York, Abraham Gutman, a 21 year old Jewish Israeli and Dania Darwish, a 23 year old Muslim.
The photos submitted come from couples in love, families and some of the most unlikely pairings.  People tweeted, recorded videos and posted pictures to demonstrate solidarity and promote coexistence between Jews and Muslims across the world.  This campaign is an antidote to the news media that affects all of us who are watching, reading and listening to the escalation of violence and death tolls.
No matter where you are on the political spectrum, I hope these pictures offer you hope.  Go ahead and indulge your desire to take a rest from the negative media and smile.  Look at these pictures and contemplate a future that reflects our common humanity and our wishes for peace among all peoples.  The pictures speak for themselves.


A young Jewish and Palestinian boy embrace each otherTwitter/@CarlaCiccoli

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