Challenge Yourself, Change the World

Outward Bound Peacebuilding is an organization that brings together leaders from divided societies and inspires and challenges them to work together to build a sustainable peace. The outward bound community consists of more than 40 centers operating in over 35 countries.
In its 6th year of working with leaders from Israel and Palestine, Outward Bound Peacebuilding changes the way people from the region experience each other through intense wilderness expeditions.  The process of living together in the wilderness encourages the participants to move beyond their comfort zones.
This program brings together emerging leaders who share common interests or who work in common fields.  Their expeditions encourage creative problem solving, teamwork and compassionate leadership.  Upon returning home, these leaders are encouraged to talk about their experiences and the valuable lessons they learned.
Throughout the year, these emerging leaders gather at alumni events and build upon their new found relationships. They can discuss new ideas to foster change and spread their hope for peace, and ways to influence the people around them.
I am convinced that we need new leadership in the Middle East.  We need to change the way we perceive the ‘other’ face to face.  Those of us listening, reading, and writing about the conflict need to challenge ourselves too.  We can all work on moving beyond our comfort zone, opening our mind to new ideas and opening our hearts.  Peace begins with us.

Their motto is “Challenge yourself, change the world”






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