Listening as a Transformative Methodology

© Shari Diamond

I believe change happens when you have a personal experience that transforms you.  When we stay in our echo chamber and listen to people who think like us, we don’t really learn anything new.

Change happens when we find ways to create new experiences in order to think differently.  Encounter is a conflict transformation organization dedicated to creating new experiences for current and emerging Jewish leaders to be agents of change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Encounter invites participants to visit the West Bank to meet with Palestinian leaders in business, media, education and politics.  Here, they can meet one another and listen to new narratives and perspectives.

Encounter has had 1700 participants, representing the full gamut of political perspectives including rabbis, educators, settlement supporters and anti occupation activists, all engaged in relationship building.  Encounter is investing in creating constructive agents of change.

How is this most recent war going to be different than all the other ones?  How are we going to change the outcome?  We need a better strategy and transformative methodology.  Encounter is building a better future face to face.



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