Thanks Joe for your courage and leadership!

retiring his No. 6 during Stadium ceremony

Yankees legend Joe Torre is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame -- his career through the years. Joe Torre was inducted into the Hall of fame last month and honored this past weekend by the Yankees as the team manager from 1996-2007.  His success is a model for many as he shares openly the challenges he has overcome growing up as a witness to domestic violence in his house.

Joe Torre, the youngest of five children, shares how he grew up fearful and with low self esteem.  Feeling ashamed and worthless, he carried this inferiority and blame with him when he got the job with the Yankees in 1995.  Joe explains how a weekend self help seminar allowed him to get in touch with his past, raised by a controlling and abusive father and an abused mother.

In 2002, Joe created “Safe At Home Foundation”, creating awareness through a multimedia campaign to help survivors of domestic violence.  In 2005 Margaret’s Place opened, a school based program, named as a tribute to his mother.  These programs help children, like Joe, end the cycle of violence by providing them with counseling, support and peer leadership opportunities.  There are now 10 operational Margaret’s Places.

Joe Torre has succeeded in giving others who experience domestic violence the opportunity to find help and share their experiences without the shame, knowing they are not alone.  This kind of public support will help break the cycle of violence and encourage boys as well as girls to find other role models and grow up to be leaders and managers in their fields of interest.

Yankee stadium erupted and gave Joe Torre a standing ovation, I do too!  Thanks Joe for your courage and leadership!

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