Did You Miss Notes From An Optimist?

Did you miss Notes From An Optimist?  Did you feel more hopeful or inspired?  Did I?

This blog took a little hiatus after publishing stories twice a week for four months.  So now after two months, I have some distance to assess and question the need or the purpose it filled.

My purpose in writing this blog was to change the plethora of negative news that we consume each and every day.  I was concerned about the culture of fear and the sense of hopelessness that this kind of journalism was creating.  I wanted to give an alternative to what our journalists write about and what our news sources will pay for and publish whether in the newspaper, internet news feeds or news reports on radio stations and TV news programs.  Does only bad news sell or do people want and will look for good, positive even inspiring news stories.

One of the things I learned from Notes From An Optimist, is that while there are feel good stories everywhere, I was most interested in finding inspiring stories in the places where negative things were happening such as where the Nigerian girls were abducted or in the Middle East during the Israeli Palestinian conflict or in Ferguson, Mo.

My intention is to replace fear with hope in the well being of others and in our culture.  My desire is to shed light on the people and organizations who are responding to a crisis and create a culture of community action and support.  The purpose was to create a sense of balance and inspire people to dream, act or support others who are models for bringing positive change.

If there are still a few people who are following this blog, I wonder if I can get some feedback.  I am also interested in inviting people to talk or write about what kind of follow up is possible for this idea.

Today’s blog will end with a question, did you missed reading Notes…?  Would you be interested in thinking and talking about how to expand this idea so that more journalists and news sources will consider finding and generating these kind of inspiring and hopeful stories?  If you are, please let me know.  I am thinking about bringing people together to talk about the possibilities and next steps.  Let me know if this is something you would like to see happen.  Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Did You Miss Notes From An Optimist?

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  1. Yes I miss the presence of your positive energy that you share in your blog “Notes From An Optimist.” Hopeful positive stories are seeds of inspiration that always need to be planted and nourished. I guess the question is how to nourish these precious seeds of hope. I am happy to engage and brainstorm to help find ways to nurture these seedlings and help them grow into powerful trees.
    Xo pbear

  2. Good luck Caren. U have beautiful intentions. Either way, you will always inspire people that cross your path.


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