Here is to a Healthier New Year

The best news of 2014 you never heard about

As we look back on 2014, here are five major medical success stories.

Child mortality rates have fallen dramatically.  Estimates from The Economist, reported that the world has saved 13.6 million lives since 2001.

New data since 2013 has shown that more people are getting HIV treatment than people who are getting infected.  This is a significant improvement in the fight against HIV.

More children are getting vaccines against rotavirus.  Th number of children dying from this illness has been cut in half due to a cheap and effective vaccine.

A new tuberculosis treatment has proven effective in early phase research.  This could potentially increase the cure time and save poor countries billions of dollars in health care costs.

Nigeria is now Ebola free and has almost eradicated Polio.  There were 6 cases reported this year.


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  1. Thank you for some good news. When I was little my dad tried a lot of different things. For a couple years we sold wooden items in kiosks we built in malls. One year we had a school bus full bird feeders parked in front of our house. On the side it said “Church of Good News.” Thank you for being a priestess of good news. Wishing you and your mishpuchah health and joy in 2015.


    1. Thanks Eric for sharing your own family’s endeavors to bring positive energy into our world. I hope 2015 will be a year where we engage to bring solutions and positive action to solve problems.

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