And Its Hope

Craig Taubman and SOMEONE at the Pico Union Project in Los Angeles. (Anthony Weiss)
Craig Taubman with Normalika Chishti, a member of the Women’s Mosque of America.

As we are about to enter a spiritual and sacred religious weekend, with both Passover and Easter occurring at the same time, Pico Union Project is a model for multiculturalism and religious diversity.  The oldest synagogue building in Los Angeles is a host to five prayer groups- a mosque, a Korean Church, an African American church, a Catholic ministry and Jewish cultural events.  The Women’s Mosque of America is reportedly the first women’s mosque in America which has already captured International headlines.

For Craig Taubman, a composer and performer, he believes that this is a model for a world that is unified, “God will be one and God’s name will be one.”

Omar Perich, head of Victory Outreach Downtown LA, a ministry focused on gang members and recovering addicts that is housed at the Pico Union Project, said, “There’s a word that Pico Union provides,” Perich told JTA, “and it’s hope.”



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