Awake and Aware: Saving Medical Supplies To Save People

AFYA means health in Kiswahili, the language spoken in East Africa.  Danielle Butin, Founder and Executive Director of AFYA, is a dynamic visionary who heard the stories of people who were in need and answered with saving and delivering medical supplies around the globe.

She is awake and aware, and couples her leadership skills with the art of listening.

Danielle is drawn to chaos.  Where others feel paralysis or a desire to escape disaster areas, Danielle focuses on her mission — responding to the ongoing need for healthcare supplies in developing countries — and finds solutions to the chaos when disaster occurs.  AFYA responded to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, provided medical equipment for the search and rescue boats picking up refugees pouring into Lesvos, Greece and continues to respond to the need for medical supplies by supporting ongoing health care missions in 70 countries spanning Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia.

Danielle is a former Occupational Therapist and Aging Specialist whose personal journey shifted when she traveled to Tanzania and found herself sharing a tent with a physician from London who was there to do medical mission work.  This physician was crying because although she had the ‘know how’, she did not have the medical supplies she needed to save lives in Africa.  Danielle’s response was a powerful Call to Action.  After she returned to the States, Danielle contacted the ED of “Partners in Health” and figured out how to save the unused medical supplies being discarded by hospitals and medical care facilities in the NY area.  Danielle collected the surplus medical supplies and equipment and found matches abroad.

Today, with over 2500 volunteers, AFYA stores and sorts the supplies and sends them to medical facilities and health care providers to save the lives of people in developing countries, disaster areas and to refugees living in tent camps.

AFYA’s newest initiative is sending medical supplies to Syrian refugees.  AFYA is in need of raising funds to send supplies to Haifa, Israel and partnering with the IDF to bring those needed supplies to NGO’s in Syria to be used in medical tents for refugees.  Please sign the Pictition, ACT4REFUGEES, and show your support by sharing it on Facebook and social media to spread the word.

Visit the website: to to learn more and to support their amazing humanitarian work around the globe.

To read more about AFYA’s reach around the globe:

$26,000,000 worth of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped and airlifted abroad

6,000,000 pounds of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped abroad

1,200,000 pounds of supplies sent to the Philippines immediately after Typhoon Haiyan, to Haiti and Japan in the wake of their respective earthquakes and to Pakistan after its devastating floods in 2012.

6500 patients treated in Afya clinics in Port au Prince, Haiti since the 2010 earthquake

720 adaptive building projects completed by Afya builders in our patients’ homes in Port au Prince since 2011

70 African, Caribbean, Latin American and Asian countries that Afya has worked in to support local health missions

33 Haitian men and women employed by Afya as rehab techs and adaptive builders in Port au Prince.









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  1. WELCOME BACK!!! What a wonderful inspiring story about courage and action.
    Thanks so much for sharing it,

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