25 Years of Environmental Peacebuilding


As we approach the end of 2019, EcoPeace this month celebrates its 25th anniversary. It’s an opportune time to reflect on their successes this year, even as they acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead.

From Gidon Bromberg, Israeli Director EcoPeace Middle East:

“Uniquely, this year, the work of EcoPeace was on the world stage. We presented before the United Nations Security Council, at the UN Climate Summit in NYC, before the Munich Security conference, at NATO, to the World Bank, at the Vatican, and before the world’s leading think tanks, such as the US Institute for Peace and Dutch Clingendael Institute. We were recognized as an environmental peacebuilding trailblazer, sharing our methodologies with civil society organizations in the Lake Chad Basin, North Africa and the Rift Valley.

At home, on the ground, we convened investors with entrepreneurs focused on climate smart agriculture, delivered farmers trainings in the Jordan Valley, held regional and national teacher and student trainings, launched our Water Diplomacy program for young professionals, and produced cutting edge reports, from cross cutting issues like the climate crisis, to the very specific water and sanitation crisis facing Gaza and the region.

Last year we played an instrumental role in getting the first modern sewage treatment plant in Gaza operational. This year we have continued to help move forward the building of a modern sewage treatment plant for the Hebron area, that once completed, will prevent the continued pollution of another shared watershed.

Our dialogue with security officials and US policy makers, based on the findings of our integrated Master Plan for the Jordan Valley, is informing important actors that annexation of the Jordan Valley would be dire for the Two State Solution and for regional stability. Giora Eiland, former head of Israel’s National Security Council, has stated, “the work of EcoPeace had helped inform decision makers of the importance of the Jordan Valley to promote regional stability.

The work of EcoPeace has in fact never been more influential.”

To learn more and support the work of EcoPeace click on their website, EcoPeace Middle East.

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