“A world without exploitation”

Lauren Hersh began her legal career as an intern at the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), representing women in domestic violence cases.  She later worked at the Brooklyn DA's office prosecuting domestic violence cases, and at that point recognized that her legal calling was in the arena of combating violence against women and girls.... Continue Reading →


“Justice will prevail in our lifetime.  Every step, however modest, is worth it.”

Taina Bien- Amie' is the Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW).  Taina is a first generation American from Haitian parents who met in the US.  She grew up a feminist, hearing about women's equality issues, violence against women and the importance of girls' education.  Her grandmother was a suffragette.  She learned... Continue Reading →

From MeToo to NoMore

The vision of the Center for Safety & Change is to help create a society in which all individuals can live with dignity and equality, free from fear, violence and oppression. I asked Amy Siniscalchi, Deputy Executive Director, if the staff had seen any changes in the number or nature of the calls they received at the Center... Continue Reading →

“This is what democracy looks like”

The second annual Women's March took place this past Saturday, January 20th, 2018.  Reports indicate there were 200,000 people in NYC, 300,000 in Chicago, 500,000 in LA, 100,000 in San Francisco, 40,000 in Oakland and 10,000 in Washington, D.C.  International Marches also took place in Rome, Frankfurt, Osaka and Kampala.  Marches are being planned for... Continue Reading →

A Look Back on 2017

This is a look back on the organizations we wrote about in 2017... The founders and visionaries, staff and volunteers of these organizations continue to inspire as they work on important social problems and create positive change in the world. It should come as no surprise that Danielle Butin, founder of AFYA, responded to the... Continue Reading →

Vote for a Gun Sense Candidate

Bob Mokos was the middle child of 7 children.  He grew up in Chicago and went to a Boy's club where he learned how to shoot and compete on a Rifle Team.  According to Bob, at that time, the NRA was a gun safety organization.  Bob grew up to become a pilot for Northwest Airlines and... Continue Reading →

Start The Conversation

  Marit Brock is a mother from Minnesota.  At the time of the Sandy Hook School shooting, her youngest child was in first grade.  She said it was hard for her to understand how sweet innocent children could be murdered in the beautiful world of elementary school.  It pushed her over the edge from thinking... Continue Reading →

Everytown For Gun Safety

Erin Dando was a mom living in South Carolina with her family five years ago when the shooting at Sandy Hook School took place.  She recalled walking home with her children from school and for the first time feeling that her children might not be safe. The gun violence in Connecticut had an impact on... Continue Reading →

Seeking a Better Life

Haroon came to this country in late 2014 from Afghanistan with his wife and children.   They first settled in Baltimore, where they felt unprepared and in shock, but hopeful for a better future. Haroon worked as a translator/fixer for war correspondents at NBC News in Kabul during 2001-2003.  He had accompanied news correspondents to... Continue Reading →

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