#I believe you

  I recently had the pleasure of meeting two students -- Jessica Bell from Clarkstown South High and Hanson Drysdale from Spring Valley High -- at a 4 day training workshop called Students Advocating to End Dating Abuse (SAEDA). Hanson identifies as an immigrant, having come from Jamaica in 2014.  He said when he came... Continue Reading →


“This is what democracy looks like”

The second annual Women's March took place this past Saturday, January 20th, 2018.  Reports indicate there were 200,000 people in NYC, 300,000 in Chicago, 500,000 in LA, 100,000 in San Francisco, 40,000 in Oakland and 10,000 in Washington, D.C.  International Marches also took place in Rome, Frankfurt, Osaka and Kampala.  Marches are being planned for... Continue Reading →

Leading By Example

Jane Leu, founder of Upwardly Global (UpGlo), believes in the potential of immigrants and a globally diverse workforce.  She grew a network of forward thinking corporate partners and helped them examine their institutional frameworks and ask themselves if their practices are inclusive or exclusive to create positive lasting change. Jane was an Assistant Director in... Continue Reading →

Love Has No Labels

As our court system decides on whether same sex marriage is constitutional, the Ad Council has launched a "Love Has No Labels" campaign which highlights the inherent biases that permeate our society. On their website they post, “Before anything else, we are all human.  Its time to embrace diversity.  Let’s put aside labels in the... Continue Reading →

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