Food For Good

Chef Kristin Macan, Director of Community Kitchens and Programs for Mercy Chefs heard a divine call on a cold morning in March of 2012.  Her husband heard the call first in their Pentecostal Church about a tornado that struck West Liberty, Kentucky.  He told Kristin, hoping she would be the voice of reason but instead... Continue Reading →


Successful Activism

Ten years ago, when she was 12, Melanie Thompson was kidnapped as she walked home from the movies in NYC.  She was locked in a closet in an abandoned house and forced into prostitution.  Melanie worked on the streets and in an underground strip club. Once her pimp found and started advertising on, her... Continue Reading →

#I believe you

  I recently had the pleasure of meeting two students -- Jessica Bell from Clarkstown South High and Hanson Drysdale from Spring Valley High -- at a 4 day training workshop called Students Advocating to End Dating Abuse (SAEDA). Hanson identifies as an immigrant, having come from Jamaica in 2014.  He said when he came... Continue Reading →

Seeking a Better Life

Haroon came to this country in late 2014 from Afghanistan with his wife and children.   They first settled in Baltimore, where they felt unprepared and in shock, but hopeful for a better future. Haroon worked as a translator/fixer for war correspondents at NBC News in Kabul during 2001-2003.  He had accompanied news correspondents to... Continue Reading →

“the future they can create”

  Hal Aronson, who co-founded We Care Solar with his wife, Laura Stachel, calls himself a solar evangelist. He loves the technology that turns light directly into electricity with no pollution.   He says it's an elegant, optimistic technology.  It sparks the imagination. After We Care Solar, Hal had another idea on how to use the... Continue Reading →

Educate Girls and Change the World

Girl Rising is a film, a curriculum, a leadership tool and nothing short of a revolution.  There are 66 million girls around the world who dream about going to school.  This movement is about changing the way the world values girls. This film paired each girl with a writer from her native country to tell... Continue Reading →

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