A Refugee Story

When Meg Karki was 3 years old, his family fled their home country of Bhutan and spent the next 19 years in a refugee camp in Nepal.  There, Meg went to school, studied and grew up.  They lived among 1400 hundred families in a bamboo thatched hut provided by a refugee agency.  He said life... Continue Reading →


Collaborating to design a place of hope

  I had the privilege to speak with Sam Bishop, head of Research and Communications at Montaag, a design firm in Berkeley, California.  Montaag was chosen by the founders of 1951 Coffee, Rachel Taber and Doug Hewitt, to design their unique mission-driven coffee shop.  After the team at Montaag heard 1951's clear mission, impact and challenge,... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Opportunity and Hope

At the seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama, Cuba's presence was celebrated after having been shunned for the last six years.  Cuba's presence was recognized by every leader.  The highlight was perhaps the handshake and press conference between President Obama and Raul Castro. President Obama said the US will not be imprisoned by the... Continue Reading →

And Its Hope

Craig Taubman with Normalika Chishti, a member of the Women’s Mosque of America. As we are about to enter a spiritual and sacred religious weekend, with both Passover and Easter occurring at the same time, Pico Union Project is a model for multiculturalism and religious diversity.  The oldest synagogue building in Los Angeles is a... Continue Reading →

Make This World a Better Place

As we celebrate holidays of faith and good will,  I would like to shine a light on a global call to action. The millennium development goals that were created in 2007 to reduce poverty and inequality worldwide aim to trigger real change in people's lives by piloting examples and supporting national programs that could be... Continue Reading →

Offering a Glimmer of Hope

The world unites in its condemnation against the Taliban attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar on Wednesday.  Three days of national mourning will follow. The Pakistani army and intelligence chiefs traveled to Afghanistan to seek help and coordinate efforts locating the Pakistani Taliban responsible for the school attack. Where there was once tensions... Continue Reading →

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