Refugees Supported, Refugees Cherished and Refugees Welcome!

Refugees supported, refugees cherished and refugees welcome is the sign on 1951 Coffee Company, a coffee shop staffed exclusively by refugees in the San Francisco Bay area. The coffee shop takes its name from the 1951 Refugee Convention, the year the United Nations established its guidelines for the legal obligations of the protection of refugees.... Continue Reading →


Optimism For Diplomacy

The release of five American prisoners held in Iran was the culmination of a sustained diplomacy between the US and Iran.  By directly engaging with Iran, the US was able to secure a landmark nuclear deal, lift the economic sanctions in Iran and secure a prisoner exchange program. There is hope that in this environment of... Continue Reading →

No Crisis

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, delivered his controversial speech on Iran to the US Congress today.  For those who were concerned that the Prime Minister's presence signaled a crisis between Israel and the United States, Netanyahu dismissed that issue early in his remarks, "The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been... Continue Reading →

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