“Being Strong and Smart, Resilient and Relentless”

On Sunday night, President Obama addressed the nation as an American leader we can depend on and who we can trust with a plan that is consistent with our cultural values.  He reassured us that we can defeat the terrorists “by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless, and by drawing upon every aspect of... Continue Reading →


#Notinmyname #CharlieHebdo

Social Media may have helped give Muslims from all over the world a platform to express their true outrage at the attacks in Paris last week.  Using the hashtag Not in my name and hashtag Charlie Hebdo, Muslims are using their critical voices to separate themselves from those extremists who kill in the name of... Continue Reading →

The Power of the Pen, Solidarity and Silence

Cartoonists from around the globe are using their pens to construct powerful drawings and messages as a show of solidarity and support for the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, after the attack in Paris yesterday. France's Islamic groups called upon Muslims across the country to observe a minute of silence along with the rest of... Continue Reading →

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