Gary Leblanc has been a hotel restaurant professional for 35 years and he wants to get out of the kitchen. His story, however, reads differently as he keeps getting thrown back in. In 2005, when Katrina hit New Orleans, Gary's daughter's home was under 9 feet of water for 6 weeks.  His grandmother was evacuated... Continue Reading →

A Refugee Story

When Meg Karki was 3 years old, his family fled their home country of Bhutan and spent the next 19 years in a refugee camp in Nepal.  There, Meg went to school, studied and grew up.  They lived among 1400 hundred families in a bamboo thatched hut provided by a refugee agency.  He said life... Continue Reading →

Help for our youngest survivors

Children are especially vulnerable during emergencies.  How do the children who have survived the earthquake in Nepal cope with the trauma?  They may have lost their parents, their homes and/ or their schools. Art therapy has been used in disaster relief to help children cope with loss and displacement in a natural catastrophe and in... Continue Reading →

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